How to Maintain Healthy Skin.

Skin care routine is the #1 self-care routine most people overlook. There are many factors that play roles in why a lot of people do not put too much effort into maintaining healthy skin. Factors like; lack of knowledge of what kind of facial products to use on their skin, not giving enough time to nourishing the skin and/or lack of consistency utilizing a facial product. It is important to feel absolutely “amour” in your own skin. And if you’re struggling with establishing a skin care routine, here are helpful tips to help.


Keep your routine simple and exciting. Treat yourself with “Skintime.” Here are guidelines to use for a perfect skincare routine.  Start one like this in this order cleanser, exfoliating, mask, tone, serums, eye cream, moisturizer, acne treatment and “extras”. Now depending on your health and lifestyle will make a difference in the order and skincare products. This routine works for the mostly combination/normal skin type. It can also work for other skin types, so modify if needed. Cleansers come in different forms; gels, bars, foam soap, choose one that works better on your skin.


 Exfoliating is to be done twice a week, with at least three days apart.

Remember exfoliating needs ingredients that have a gritty texture like sugar and ground coffee beans. Exfoliating removes dead skin cells laying on the surface of the skin which results in natural skin glow. It’s key to remember to not scrub your skin while exfoliating which can cause abrasions, yet gentle small circles to achieve wonderful results.


Mask on two to three times per week.

Have fun while doing a facial mask too! The point of the mask is to remove impurities in the skin while keeping the skin moist with its ingredients. Toning your skin after wash or mask is helpful to remove any stubborn crud that wasn’t easily removed while washing.


Toning helps add moisture to the skin and improvement appears instantly. 

Face serums, eye cream, and moisturizers in that order are the next 3 steps. These steps together will nourish your skin with the moisture it needs after wash. The last parts acne treatment and “extras” should only use sparingly or as needed. These products are proactive, facial oils, polishes or gels.


This routine may sound like a long process, I guarantee that devoting time into a proper skincare routine will have you feeling more confident and loving your skin. The best part of this is watching your skin improve week by week after sticking to a skincare routine. Be aware that you won’t see results instantly in some facial products. Some products used daily will gradually improve the appearance of your skin over time. Do not be fooled by products that advertise as “natural ingredients”, read the back of the label and if it has any ingredients that’s been genetically modified or words you never heard of, do not buy it! Go home and do your research on the ingredients. It is also helpful to read on how other people rate it. Stay tuned for more skincare tips…

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