5 Steps to Making the Transitions From Relaxed to Natural Hair.

This is one of the hardest transitions your hair will ever undergo so you might want to be patient and ready when you’ve reached the decision to go natural. Some people make this decision because they either want natural combing hair or to grow dreadlocks. You have to remember a relaxer is permanent, whatever part of your hair that’s relaxed will have to grow out, and that’s where patience comes in.


  1. Do not wash your hair daily (like some people might have told you) that only makes the hair dry causing breakage. Best thing is to wash your hair weekly and moisturize it daily.


  1. You may experience some breakage during the transition due to combing two different hair textures and of course dead hair.


  1. Slow Transition: If you don’t want to lose length during this transition when the new growth (natural hair) starts growing in, it’s best to trim the (old hair) permed hair. If you have 1 inch of new growth, trim down one inch of the permed hair until the old hair has fallen out completely.


  1. Faster Transition: If you have a couple of inches of new growth and feel you are more than ready, and you can pull off the style then, by all means, you can cut your hair down to a little afro. This transition is best for those wanting to grow dreadlocks.


  1. During this time it’s best not to color your hair or add any other chemicals to it that may cause breakage. You might want to talk to your beautician about hairstyles that would fit you during this transition. There are salons that cater to natural hair so it’s best to see a specialist that specializes in natural hair to accomplish the best look for you.


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