Staple Pieces in Your Closet (female)

Open your closet and look around for items that you’ve either had the longest or have replaced several times. What are they? Let me guess; blue jeans, little red dress, a little black dress, jean jacket, leather bikers’ jacket, mini skirt, pantsuit, khakis pants, white t-shirt and white shirt? If you have a least 5 of these 10 items, then you know what classic and timeless items are. While new trends in fashion changes from season to season, some items never go out of style, making them closet essentials. When you receive an invitation to an event; once you know the dress code, I can almost guarantee you that one of these items will match the occasion. These outfits have survived decades fashion changes but still remains a must have.  The only thing that is not guaranteed is their life span due to wear and tear.

The Dress Shirt

Lightweight and perfect construction for a relaxed fit. Wear it any day of the week to work, open the buttons deep, and roll up the sleeves on the weekend.

The Biker Jacket

The best leather jackets feel like they’ve been lived in for some time. And they don’t have to cost a fortune. You just have to be very careful and look for versions that are not too complicated.

The Denim Jacket

As tempting as it may be to buy an oversize denim jacket and wear it off the shoulders, a slim, fitted style is a better purchase. Give dresses, sweaters, and button-ups a casual, I-just-threw-this-together vibe by throwing one over your shoulders.

The Slightly Oversize White Shirt

You could fill a closet with variations on a white button-down but if you’re looking to buy one that can pull double duty, this would be it. It’s cut oversize enough that you can wear it over slim cigarette pants but it’s not so big that you can’t do the half tuck into a pair of jeans.

Black Pants

A sleek pair of black trousers with a flattering fit not only transcends trends, it is a master of multitasking. Without question, black pants are one of the few wardrobe staples that you can wear with just about anything else in your closet (including many of the other pieces shown here).

The White T-Shirt

Whether you wear yours with head-to-toe denim, a business suit, or some amazing styling mix of your own, a great white T is an absolute must-have.


White Sneakers AKA Tennis Shoes are like jeans – everyone has them. Sneakers look good with any casual outfit.


The love between a girl and her purse is so beautiful and tumultuous. There’s trust, confidence that you’re sure to find a spare tampon or your “lost” lipstick. And then there’s betrayal, your phone getting swallowed into that inner pocket you rarely use and that time your purse didn’t provide you with that hair tie you swear was always there. Through all of those old receipts, spare change and mysterious crumbs that have no business being there, your purse is there for you in ways that big pockets just can’t be, and for that we’re all quite grateful of this dysfunctional relationship, right?

Skinny, Black Jeans, The Classic Blue Jeans, Everyday Gold Earrings, The Pencil Skirt

The Slip Dress, The Shirtdress, A Pair of Red Pumps, The Trenchcoat,The Bathing Suit and an honorable mention goes to the rain boots.

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