The Soup Man [Soup Nazi] restaurant experience

Remember the episode, “The Soup Nazi” from the sitcom, Seinfeld about the strict chef who would not serve you if you didn’t follow his protocol when ordering at his restaurant? Well for those who didn’t know, it’s actually based on the real owner, Al Yeganeh of the restaurant, The Original Soup Man.  Yeganeh’s original store is still located at 259 W 55th St, in Manhattan.


I’ve always wanted to try his soup because not only was the show convincing but I’ve had friends who in the past ate his soup and said he made some pretty damn good soup.  So finally, my friend and I decided to go have lunch there the other day and the experience… OK before I go there let me make it clear that we were originally supposed to go to the main store he worked at on the west side however when we googled the directions, we found a closer one, on the East side on 6th Ave and figured we would go there instead.

Before heading there I had my heart set on having the jambalaya and as luck would have it, they didn’t make it. We ended up ordering the chicken noodle soup and I had a turkey club sandwich and my friend ordered a grill cheese sandwich. Each meal also came with a banana. As I sat there anticipating what was to come because I’ve been hearing about this soup for so long, I wanted to taste what all the buzz was about. Needless to say, my expectation is really high at this point.

I waited for my friend to taste first then I asked her how was it and she gave her approval but I know her and I can tell by her by facial expression she wasn’t really impressed. It was my turn and when I tasted it I was shocked! I mean I’ve tasted better soup from a can. As a matter of fact I was in such disbelief I actually googled to see if they had the can versions of the soup and sure enough they did.

I figured since this was a smaller version of the original they might just be using the can goods and not actually preparing the soup there daily like the Original Soup Man store did. This is all alleged because I can’t prove it. I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt by visiting the main one soon (I will update you) On the other hand the sandwich was actually good, the bread was nicely toasted, the right amount of meat not too much or too little I just wish I could’ve said the same for the soup. I ended up not eating it all because I got full quickly and the meal came up to $12.00 each.

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