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Why you should read restaurant reviews instead of their ratings.

First, before I continue, I want to highlight something… do not get the words grade and rating confused because, in the restaurant industry, a restaurant’s grade is different from a restaurant’s rating. A restaurant grade is what the Department of Health issued to restaurants based on the results of unannounced inspections they perform on them. […]


How to Maintain Healthy Skin.

Skin care routine is the #1 self-care routine most people overlook. There are many factors that play roles in why a lot of people do not put too much effort into maintaining healthy skin. Factors like; lack of knowledge of what kind of facial products to use on their skin, not giving enough time to […]


My List of Personal Classic Movies of all Time… in Tentative Order!

I love watching movies, although I haven’t really had much time lately to watch as much as I would like. When I do, I throw on a super-size t-shirt, put my hair in a messy bun, grab some Kleenex, a menu, and I binge watch for a whole day! My favorite movie genres are Romance, […]