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iamCheyna Cookbook: Recipe # 1 Haitian Epis Seasoning

Haitian Epis is an essential part of Haitian cuisine; Epis is the base seasoning for majority of Haitian traditional dishes and is, incredibly easy to make. This recipe features fresh parsley, garlic, scallion, hot pepper, red bell pepper, green bell pepper, yellow bell pepper, thyme, cloves, olive oil, salt, maggie and black pepper.


Why you should read restaurant reviews instead of their ratings.

First, before I continue, I want to highlight something… do not get the words grade and rating confused because, in the restaurant industry, a restaurant’s grade is different from a restaurant’s rating. A restaurant grade is what the Department of Health issued to restaurants based on the results of unannounced inspections they perform on them. […]


Interview With Chef Stephan Durand

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